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What We’re Hearing

Key themes and challenges we’re hearing in today’s markets.

Shifting Customer Expectations

New technology innovation and external digital champions, such as Amazon, Uber and Netflix, are shifting customer expectations. What strategic changes and digital investments will help secure our position as a leader?

Market Disruption

Regulation continues to rebalance the utility playing field, while new digital entrants outpace incumbent players. How can we transform to stay ahead of regulations and competitors?

New Technologies

As solar PV and battery prices collapse, home-based generation and storage will rise, impacting centralized generation and grid connectivity. How do we change our business model and deploy new technologies to deliver value for both customers and shareholders?

Our Services

We sit at the intersection of strategy, technology, media and data to help you better engage customers, streamline business processes and generate new sources of revenue.


Combining industry knowledge and digital expertise to transform your customer experiences with an outside-in perspective, while optimizing your workforce efficiency, products and services for tomorrow’s market.


Improving your operational transparency, data and risk management and scalability with a centralized ETRM approach.


Keeping you informed of new regulatory developments while meeting the latest reporting requirements with our integrated global compliance reporting hub, Sapient CMRS.


Leveraging the strengths of Publicis.Sapient to identify innovative ways for you to transform your organization, build market share, optimize your supply chain and better engage with government, regulators, communities and consumers.


Helping you access, analyze and visualize customer, asset performance or other operational data, as well as ensure quality and security with integrated offerings such as artificial intelligence (AI).

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Our Work


A leading German utility sought to lower its total cost of ownership by migrating from its highly customized instance of Endur V8 to a standardized implementation of Endur V12.


  • Implement Endur V12 with standard features and simplify ETRM IT landscape by decommissioning systems that offer overlapping functionality with Endur.
  • Provide a single valuation method and view of risk across all desks and departments.


  • Consolidated Endur systems and tools, moving to a single interface to publish trader marks, position reports and what-if analysis.
  • Reduced back-office reconciliation by ~80%.
  • Improved time to market for the new business approval process (e.g., trading new products) from an average of 4 weeks down to 1 week.
  • Aligned valuation (P&L and position) across desk, markets and products. In the process, Sapient reported ~20 mil EUR in P&L differences.
  • Delivered a golden source for key business data (e.g., prices, trades, positions and P&L).

Latest Thinking

The Electricity Bill Paradox

The Electricity Bill Paradox

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How innovative firms are taking advantage of technology to leverage the disruption in agriculture by essentially creating a new class of commodity management systems.

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